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ICN Administrative Manager

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This is a part time job requiring up to 20 hours per week for normal activity and possibly more for special

occasions. Time schedule could be flexible, although preferable time of operation are 4 hours a day for 5

days a week during the normal business hours time frame.

The employee would be paid from ICN general fund.

Proposed salary: Up to $1,000 per month.

Tasks and responsibilities:

1. Communication with members and community. Newsletter, Masjid sign, bulletin boards,

Website mgmt., mail-outs, phone calls, messages, Mass Email management & maintenance.

2. Masjid organization and tidiness. Includes proper filing of documents.

3. Event Planning: Eid, dinners, fundraisers, Friday salat. This is a central coordination role

among the organizers, committee and the volunteers. Needs to make sure everything is available

and things are done promptly. This includes helping coordinate visitors and speakers inside and

outside the masjid.

4. Membership relations. Increase membership. Help with the admin of the masjid including the


5. Coordinate the Management of all hired “contract labor” and repair/ maintenance work shop

for services and coordinate payment. This includes the cleaning and making sure the Masjid is

clean at all times.

6. Manage ICN vending activities: sales of special items for ICN fundraising purposes only.

7. Volunteer coordinator. Recruit volunteers to help him or her, and manage their work. Maintain

records on available volunteers. Board members needing help would go to him.

8. Travel arrangements for visitors and help in hosting. Help in travel arrangements for ICN

representatives going on official business.

9. Assist with the educational and da’wah programs of the masjid as needed.

10. Library work.

Required qualifications:

Dedicated to caring for the condition of Muslims

Excellent leadership skills

Excellent communication skills, and ability to deal with a wide variety of personalities, and

cultures. Ability to handle difficult or confrontational personalities calmly, diplomatically

and effectively. Ability to coordinate work with the shura.

High organization skills. Promptness and serious attitude.

Languages: Excellent English

Computer skills: Excel, email, Word, website (preferable).

Knowledgeable enough in Islam to talk to visitors about Islam

Event planning experiences a plus.

For further information contact Ghani Hashemi (349-9253) or Rashed Fakhruddin (480-6146) or

any other board member. Interested applicants, please send your resume and an introduction

letter to the following address by February 1st, 2007, icn@muslimeen.org, or:

Islamic Center of Nashville

2515 12th Ave. S.

Nashville, TN 37204


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